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Exponent Consultancy Services (ECS) has created unique identity for itself in the area of higher education consultancy.  They provide complete service package for individuals who want to pursue higher education in foreign countries, especially Europe and specifically Germany.  The consultants at ECS works with the prospective clients to identify their needs and evaluate their qualifications and experience to determine their chance of success even before they take up their case.  They also advise them on alternate avenues available to them.  Once the clients sign up for our services, we work diligently with them from identified best suited institutions for them and then working through developing their application package, including recommendations on any qualifying credentials they need to procure before the application package is compiled.  They work with the clients throughout the application process.  Once the clients secure admission in the institution of their choice, experts at ECS also provide them inter-cultural training so that hey can integrate smoothly in foreign culture and environment and can focus on their career goals from day one.

Consultants at ECS, themselves have worked personally with institutions of higher education in India, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Australia and USA in various capacities ranging from students, researchers, faculty members and independent consultants.  They are aware of various nuances typical to each country and institutions there in and can therefore provide invaluable guidance to their clients. Apart from academia, consultants also have experience and network within diplomatic and other government institutions which have helped them in advising clients as regards to available opportunities above and beyond getting admission to their dream institution.